Regional Center Aqueduct, Stage II. Pumping stations and transmission lines.

Conceptual, basic and detailed engineering for the expansion of Regional Centre Aqueduct-Stage II. Pump capacity 11.5 m3/sec of water to a height of 800m, in a total pipeline length of 70km. 230 kV and 240 MW electrical transmission lines design for pumping stations, bidding documents for procurement of electromechanical equipment and technical assistance for the procurement and construction of the aqueduct.

Operational economy and maintenance studies for the Regional Center Aqueduct. Stage I.

This aqueduct composed of 5 pumping stations handled about 5 m3/sec to supply water to the cities of Valencia, Guacara, San Joaquin, Maracay, La Victoria and Tejerías.

Conceptual and detail engineering for the pumping station and electrical power system to supply energy to the falcon system.

Conceptual and detailed engineering for the pumping stations of several reservoirs of the system. Design of the 230 KV electrical power lines for the pumping stations .

Conceptual and detailed engineering of the East Central Coast water supply system.

This system is integrated by 4 pumping stations , including electromechanical equipment, electrical substations and electrical power lines.

Operational economy and maintenance studies for the pumping systems Tuy I, Tuy II, Metropolitan and Panamerican Aqueducts and electrical interconnection between Tuy I, II and III pumping stations.

Integral evaluation of water supply system to Caracas City. Maintenance and rehabilitation programs. This supply system is designed to transport 17 m3/sec of water, pumping to heights over 1300 m. above the sea.